Baby Formula


This is one of the most popular brands of formula out there.  It is also one of the  most expensive.  When we were in the hospital this is what they gave us.  We took as much samples as we could. It was really expensive in the store. At first we were buying this because we figured the best brand name and most expensive is the best option for our baby.

But then it really started hurting our wallet.   So I looked into something a little less expensive.  Of course we looked around and ultimately wound up at where else, Walmart.  they had a their own brand of Enfamil. It was half the cost and you got 50% more.  So we tried it:



I am happy to say it worked well for our baby.  On average you will probably buy 2 of these per month. With the Enfamil Brand we were buying around 5 per month.  The Enfamil brand was about $35/container for a lesser amount. $35 x 5= you do the math.

The Walmart brand worked well. The baby had no issues with it.  Expect to have your child on formula for the first year of their life.  But around the 6 month mark you can start incorporating some rice cereal into their diet. You will have to start small.  We made the mistake of feeding him too much and he vomited alot.