Remedy For Cough/Cold


One of the most persistent ailments your baby will have is that nagging cough or cold.  You cant really give the child too much Tylenol because their body just can’t handle it.  Doctors wont prescribe an antibiotic unless it is very serious.

If you are reading this article, odds are you were surfing the internet looking for a cure for your child.  That is basically what I did.  I came across alot of websites that suggested using Vicks and apply it directly to their chest.  I did that…it helped but not much.

I also read some websites where they suggested not only putting the Vicks on the childs chest but caking their feet with it.  I figured its not going to hurt the baby so I tried it.

What I did was covered Mario’s feet on the underside and topside with a generous amount of Vicks and then put his socks back on.  Honestly, I didn’t think it would work.  But sure enough in a few days his cough was gone.

Now you need to understand that every child is different.  I have some friends who tried it with their children and it didn’t work too well.   The moral of this story is that it will not harm you child.  So it’s worth a try.  Also, go to Walmart and buy the generic brand.  It’s alot cheaper.