Months 2-3

During the 2 and 3 months after birth you baby is going to become more aware of his surroundings.  He or she will focus on certain objects.  Baby Mario loved his swing with the mobile that moved and played music.  We picked this up at a yard sale for about $15.

Another  thing to keep in mind is that your baby will begin to scratch himself/herself.  It is best to trim their nails.  We had such an issue with Mario scratching himself that we had to buy the long sleeved shirts so that we could tuck his hands up in them.He could still move around but he could scratch himself or grab much of anything.  We didnt leave him like this all day long. It was a tactic we used when we noticed him scratching more than normal.

This is also the period of time that you want to allow your child to lay flat on their tummy. They will begin kicking their legs and and trying to roll around.

Nights can be restless.  They often need to feed a few times a night. Prepare to be sleep deprived.  During this period of time we kept Mario in the room with us, right next to the bed.

You also have to understand what your baby’s crying means.  At first you dont know exactly why they are crying. But after time you will know if they need their diaper changed or are hungry.